The Writer Within

I have been writing for forty years. It started with a few poems and being given a diary when I was 11. I was testing the waters of my youth and the world I lived in. Nature was a frequent topic for me, as reflected in this poem from my early writing:


Dusk falls silently on me

As I sit and watch

In awe of the beauty

Peace and perfection of Nature

My heart can’t help but stir

In gratitude and thanks

For being part of it

6/6/81   (I was almost 16)

Into my teens, writing provided release for the noxious thoughts and emotions I was poisoning myself with. Putting the words on paper meant they weren’t in my head and heart doing damage anymore, or at least less damage. This will always be the most significant impact of writing to me—it saved my life.

It also became a productive and positive outlet for me, an area where I felt some sense of achievement and worthiness. Writing has also been a way for me to share with others their impact and importance in my life and an avenue to chronicle experiences and growth, as well as preserve memories.

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