Once a Poet, Always a Poet

Poetry was the primary style that brought words out of my head and heart for decades. I gained self-knowledge in fits and starts. A few words captured that growth and awareness.

It has only been more recently that an essayist emerged, as she was destined to. The poet still resides within, but the essayist has more to say these days.

My early poems were often untitled. I just dove right in.


I express myself by writing

I put into words

What I wish to say

But have not the courage

I let go of myself

And my pen flows

Locked up emotions

Coming from my heart

Are freed by my hand

 12/28/81  (age 16)

As I look at this poem, decades later, I realize I had courage then. Courage to give my thoughts validity and lucidity by honoring them with release.

*From very early on in my writing, I dated each poem and each journal entry. I am so grateful today that I did and continue to do so. It is another way to crystallize and clarify my story, my life experiences. And it is practical as well. I have lived much and written plenty. Dates give the writing order and anchors. 



  1. Beautiful – writing is freeing, isn’t it? You knew that at such a young age too. And gosh, another blog? I can’t fathom such an undertaking. Good for you! Looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nancy! “Habitual Gratitude” helped me find consistent time to write, so that makes
      starting a second blog seem less daunting. There is so much to learn and a different blog platform
      is pushing me to do that. Write on!


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