Growing Seasons

Growing seasons come and go. They can be splendid and lead to high yields. Or inconsistent and disappointing. Most are somewhere in between, kind of like the years of our lives. Some are top-notch, others full of unwanted twists and turns. Most have both highs and lows and give us each our own unique stories.

The stories making up my half-century of life primarily fit these “growing seasons:”

“Baker’s Dozen” (my family of origin)

“Stride for Stride” (running and other sports)

“Line by Line” (writing and journaling)

“From Escaping Myself to Finding Myself” (alcoholism and recovery)

“Worth the Wait and the Work” (marriage and motherhood)

“Other Health Conditions” (gratitude practice, breast cancer, and more)

A Master Gardener with a far better plan than my own, earthly gardeners who have tended and nourished me, and teachers and spiritual advisors showing me the way have empowered me to eventually flourish. They are essential in my stories and together I call them “Messengers and Menders.”

Each post on “Late Bloomer and Slow Learner” will be labeled using the seven categories above. These are the soil and seeds, the fertilizer and the sunshine, that brought me here, finally comfortable in my own skin.

For more about my “growing seasons,” read here.

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