A Yes by a Fountain

Darcy and I met in November of 1997. We realized early on that this was heading in the direction we both hoped it would. Our relationship progressed quickly, even though we lived 100 miles apart. He was in Sioux Falls, SD and I was in Spencer, Iowa. We took turns going to visit each other on weekends, and emailed and phoned each other during the week.

We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together with a nice dinner at Spezia, an Italian restaurant in Sioux Falls. We had fallen seriously in love and were having serious conversations about a future together. But I was on a teacher’s contract and in grad school and Darcy’s job needed to stay consistent. We knew things would work out if we were meant to be together.

On one of our early dates, we saw the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” in Sioux Falls. It wasn’t a light-hearted movie by any stretch, but it’s part of our story because it’s the first movie we saw together. By spring, Darcy and I were spending most weekends together.

He had asked me to join him in Charleston, SC in late April. A work training would take him there and I would fly down and join him for a long weekend after his training wrapped up. We planned to spend some time in Charleston, but also in Savannah, Georgia and on the coast.

He met me at the airport in Charleston with this palmetto rose, which has been in this vase and visible for all these years:


It was a romantic gesture and a great way to be greeted after my day of solitary travel. Our adventure together began by taking in historic Charleston, Rainbow Row, and looking out at Fort Sumter in the harbor. We stayed in Beaufort, SC and headed south for a day in historic Savannah, GA.

While in Savannah, we went to Forsyth Park, which was prominent in the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” Little did I know that Darcy had been plotting a special question for a special place. He proposed to me as we sat in the grass near the fountain. He caught me by surprise, in the best way possible.

A postcard we got there captures the fountain that started as a movie memory on screen and became a very happy memory in person for the two of us:


It was an easy question to answer and I quickly relieved Darcy’s nervousness with a resounding “yes.” We have been saying yes to our marriage ever since.

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  1. What a beautiful, romantic love story❤. Even more so because of all your years together. Roger put my ring in a bag of jelly bellies, he was lucky I didn’t eat it, but I did say yes!


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