If someone else called me a late bloomer or a slow learner, I might be offended. When I call myself these, it comes from a deep source of gratitude. Grateful to be alive to blossom, even if it’s later than some. Grateful to have the opportunity to wake up and learn more about myself and life today.

I have been defined by many experiences over the course of my life. Some I wished for. Others I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Some I brought on myself. Others were gracious gifts.

These experiences range from growing up in a large, Catholic, farm family where we learned much but also missed some important lessons; to reaching the starting and finishing lines of 15 marathons. They are as disparate as excessive drinking that could have killed me in my late teens to enjoying a healthy pregnancy and the birth of our son Sam when I was 36.

My life experiences to date range from 28 years of recovery from alcoholism to over 9 years post-cancer diagnosis with no evidence of disease (NED). Along with marriage, motherhood, running, and writing, they have been my best teachers.  I also look forward to telling you about the people in my life who have taught me lessons big and small.


  1. Lisa,

    I am so touched by your writing! Believe it or not, I have been through some of the same struggles and am in the process of redefining who I am. August 1 will mark two years sobriety for myself. Keep up the great work! Truly an inspiration..you are full of talents and I thank you for sharing! Sara


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