Belly Dancer

The belly dancer I am referring to here is our son Sam, in utero. My pregnancy with Sam was smooth and I thoroughly enjoyed the amazing process it all is. The belly dancing took place in December of 2001. Darcy and I went to a production of “Mamma Mia”. Those of us outside the womb enjoyed it thoroughly, and clearly so did Sam inside my womb. He was really active and doing his own version of dancing along.  It was fun for us to share that experience; dad, mom, and baby on the way.

I grew up aspiring to motherhood, but not as strongly as some girls do. I had my moments (and years) of doubt about whether I would ever get the opportunity. I was looking for the traditional route of getting married and having a family.

As I went through my late twenties and into my early thirties, I wasn’t meeting that special man. The only serious relationship I had in that time period was with someone who already had three children. He wasn’t interested in more. It was one of several reasons it was for the best that our relationship ended.

When I met my husband Darcy, we were already 32 and he had two children from his first marriage. We married at 33 and I became stepmom to Arthur and Emily, ages 7 and 3 1/2 at the time. I was getting some parenting experience and a stronger desire to add another child to our family.

I had started graduate school before Darcy and I met, so I wanted to finish my coursework. We also planned to relocate to be closer to the kids. When we had a child, we wanted to live closer to Arthur and Emily,  with a home for us all.

By the time I had my degree and we adjusted to a new home and new jobs, we were 35. The time was right to get pregnant. I am very grateful that was easy for us to accomplish. I have known too many women who went through a lot of pain, loss, effort, and time to conceive.

Like most first pregnancies for women, I worried and wondered about a lot on a daily basis, but I embraced the incredible and natural happenings going on inside. I read about milestones and relished in experiencing them. I went to prenatal check-ups feeling good and actually had very little morning sickness. My energy level waxed and waned throughout the months of pregnancy, and the nesting instinct was recognized and welcomed.

When Darcy and I headed to “Mamma Mia” at the Orpheum Theater that December evening, seven months in to this pregnancy experience, part of our inspiration was the fact that we liked ABBA’s music, but also we knew our lives would be changing. We would have less money and time for extravagances like a Broadway production.

I will never forget the exhilarating joy I felt, sitting next to my husband enjoying a great show, feeling our growing son expressing his own enjoyment of the upbeat music. Enjoyment I could physically feel in a rare way. A profound blessing indeed!


  1. Wonderful experience and l love the title belly dancer. I loved being pregnant and for years after Tyler was born I slept holding my belly.


    1. It is such a special time and experience. Though it has gone on for thousands of years, until pregnancy is experienced first-hand,it is a mystery. Even going through it is a bit of a mystery. A good one.


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